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Sunday - 00:00 AM - 21/11/2021
Brembo is an Italian manufacturer of brakes for cars and motorcycles, born in 1961 by Emilio Bombassei and quickly leading the segment of the European automobile and motorcycle brake market.

History begin
Through a long history, Brembo has established a system of 19 manufacturing plants worldwide and distributes products to customers in more than 70 countries.

Brembo in the early days of establishment

This Italian company has more than 10,000 employees, making brake systems for models from popular cars like the VW Polo to the Ferrari LaFerrari supercar, as well as for the F1, MotoGP, F3, IndyCar, GP2 races. and GP3.

Moreover, for 31 years, racing teams like Yamaha, Honda or Suzuki along with famous racers like Valentino Rossi, Eddie Lawson or Mick Doohan have trusted in using this famous brake system.

Brembo brakes are used in famous races

Product lines
Brake pads
Designed and tested for primarily performance-oriented use, Brembo brand brake pads are suitable for any braking system.

Brembo currently offers 2 main types of brake pads:
+ Semi-metallic brake pads (LOW-MET)
+ Ceramic brake pads (NAO): characteristic of the Brembo brand, optimized for vehicles traveling at high speed

Brake disc
Brembo disc brakes are the ideal choice for speed enthusiasts as well as everyday use. With top quality, Brembo brake discs are the best combination of durability and performance.

Brake caliper (oil pig)
Brembo manufactures high-tech brake calipers that are installed as the original equipment of the world's top models

Brake fluid
Brembo Premium brake fluid is manufactured to a much higher boiling point than standard, providing superior resistance to "foam tube blockages" compared to other brake fluids.

Brake grease
B-Quiet is Brembo's new lubricant available in the Aftermarket range. This product is used on the contact surfaces between the pad and the brake caliper (on the holder if it is a floating caliper). B-QUIET keeps the brakes working correctly avoiding any noise and protects the lifting components from corrosion.

Why choose Brembo brakes?
Whether it's a new or old car, your car still needs a good brake to ensure the "safety first" criterion. Because traffic accidents do not distinguish any vehicle. Brembo brakes are strictly controlled in every stage of European production, so you can drive with confidence and peace of mind.

Brembo brakes are strictly controlled in every stage of production according to European standards

Only Brembo can make a car, traveling at 300 km/h stop in
less than 4 seconds - an incredible amount of time compared to most brake brands on the market.

Moreover, Brembo can supply brakes for more than 98% of cars in Vietnam market. That means you don't have to worry about whether your car can use Brembo brakes.

In addition, Brembo brake pads are manufactured specifically to be compatible with each different vehicle model, with different price points, solving the concerns of car owners about cost.

Where to buy Brembo brakes?
Vietnam Petrochemical Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company (abbreviated name: VNPETRO) is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Brembo in Vietnam.

You can buy Brembo brakes for your car at most 3S systems, garages, and car maintenance centers affiliated with VNPETRO. Professional technicians will directly operate and “cool” Brembo brakes will proudly roll with you.

However, you can directly contact VNPETRO here to purchase.

VNPETRO exclusively distributes Brembo in Vietnam

Discover details about Brembo - exclusively distributed by VNPETRO at:

Communication Department - VNPETRO

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