Notes on maintenance and replacement of car brake pads

Wednesday - 10:55 AM - 03/11/2021
Periodic inspection and replacement of car brake pads is an important thing you should prioritize in every vehicle maintenance, because it ensures safety when used for a long time.

Check overview
During driving, situations may occur with the brake such as the brake pedal often hits the floor, when braking, there is a phenomenon of the vehicle or the steering wheel shaking, screeching or metallic sound due to the coating. Worn brakes ... are all signs that the brake part is having problems that need to be repaired and quickly replaced.

Another important detail that also affects the performance of the brakes is the brake line system under the car, check if the soft oil pipes and metal pipes are leaking or collide with other parts such as exhaust pipes, radiators…

Check brake fluid
You should check and monitor regularly once a fortnight to know the condition of the brake system, if the oil level is lower than specified, it is necessary to add more brake fluid to avoid the brake system lack of oil.
In case the oil level drops regularly, it means that the pipeline system has leaked or blocked, so it should be repaired or replaced as needed.

Illustration of different types of car brake pads.

Indicator light comes on when braking system
Another important detail that also affects the performance of the brakes is the brake path system under the car, check if the oil hoses and metal pipes are not leaking or collide with other parts. such as exhaust pipes, heaters...

Check brake pads
This is an important part in reducing the vehicle's speed, ensuring the safety of people and vehicles, if the brake pads are worn deeply, it will directly affect the deceleration or stopping of the vehicle. The wear of brake pads depends on each person's driving style.

Check for warping and air discharge
The warping check will usually be once a year with the supervision of a repairman and vehicle owner, because the repair and replacement process will depend on the dirty inside of the brake or disc surface. How severely warped.

 After replacing the brake disc, changing the seal and the oil, it is advisable to carry out the process of "discharging the air" for the brake system. Because in the brake fluid and the oil pipes there is still air (air mixed in when the brake pads wear, when the amount of brake fluid is low) makes the brakes less effective.

Origin of spare parts
Imitation auto parts are now rampant in the market, if you are not a major, it is difficult for you to distinguish what is real and what is fake. Advice for you to choose reputable garages to choose to replace spare parts, otherwise, it is a bit expensive but enter the company.

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